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Glass Frosters

R290 Natural Refrigerant

Xiltek believes in the use of natural refrigerants such as Hydrocarbon Refrigerant, the latest and greatest environmentally friendly solution towards refrigerant usage. With Hydrocarbon Refrigerant, your equipment will be more energy efficient, more sustainable, and you'll save money over synthetic chemicals (like 134A or 404A refrigerants) that are artificially produced. 


High Quality Compressors

At Xiltek we strive to include the best parts our equipment can use. This is why all of our refrigeration equipment contain the latest compressor technology. With these compressors stored at the heart of our commercial refrigeration equipment, we can provide better efficiency, lower noise and vibration, a wider voltage range, faster cooling, better food preservation, and more sustainability.

Tested and Certified

All of our units are intended for commercial usage and therefore have the necessary certifications such as ETL Intertek, ANSI, UL, and comply with NSF Standards . Each product undergoes rigorous testing to meet commercial standards to make the best refrigeration products available. 


3-1 Warranty

Warranty shouldn't have to be hard, that's why we include a 1 year parts warranty with an additional 3 year compressor warranty on all of our products standard. 

Make Your Business Better!

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