Who We Are

Xiltek is a commercial refrigeration equipment company established in Albuquerque, New Mexico, dedicated to providing affordable and quality equipment with no hassle. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from refrigerators, freezers, sandwich prep tables, display cases, and much more! All products are quality tested with a 5 point inspection test before leaving our facilities. Everything sold through Xiltek is custom shipped fast and free from our Albuquerque facilities.

We want to focus on the fundamentals of practicality, helping you get what you need at the right price. We are committed to customer satisfaction. You can give us a call at 505-346-2916 for customer support or send a message below to info@xiltek.com and we'll get back to you assoon as possible. 

You can put trust and confidence on us to help you make a bigger difference and take your business to another level.


Tel: 505-346-2916

3844 Hawkins St NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109


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