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Natural Refrigerants

Xiltek is devoted to making a change to the protection of the world's environment through the use of our natural standards over the synthetic and artificial ones. For decades, companies have been pushing out a very common type of HFC refrigerants (R134a and R404a). These refrigerants are synthetic and are not produced by nature. By switching over to the natural refrigerants, such as the class leading Hydrocarbon Refrigerant, we are able to help the earth's environment by producing less gasses and lowering the GWP (global warming potential). You will also see the that the Hydrocarbon Refrigerant saves itself more money than the other standards over time due to how sustainable and efficient the technology is. 

What is a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant?

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural and found on planet earth. These refrigerants are non-toxic, do not damage the ozone layer and have little impact on global warming. Hydrocarbons are climate-friendly and economical. They are able to sustain themselves much better than other standards and provide better efficiency in the long run.


The use of R290- (HC) is increasing every year thanks to the low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance it provides. 

Why is Hydrocarbon Refrigerant better?

Two of the biggest refrigerant standards used in today's market are the common R134a and R404a refrigerants. These type of refrigerants have a very big impact on the earth's Ozone layer and cause GDP (global warming potential) to go up. In fact, the US is BANNING these refrigerants in certain products by 2021 due to the negative effects they cause (click here for article).

With Hydrocarbon, you eliminate all the negative effects because the thermodynamic performance and the environmental effects are outstanding! It produces ZERO ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and it uses very low GDP (global warming potential). This leads to better efficiency, sustainability, and saves you money over synthetic refrigerants.

The thermodynamic properties of R-290 are superior to R134a and R404a. The thermal capacity R-290 is 90% higher than R134a and 140% higher than R404a with lower viscosity. This means that R-290 can absorb more heat, more quickly resulting in faster temperature recovery and lower energy consumption. In other words, Hydrocarbon beats the competition by far.

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